How I solved \cp_settings\ (Access is denied) in Android Studio

This error give a big problem for me because it will stop you from doing the project even to start it . This problem usually happen when you start to import another project from other resources. Figure 1 is before and Figure 2 is after.

Figure 1

Figure above show the original place the .gradle folder . My assumption is this (Access is denied) might happen because of the permission issue at User directory at local disk.

Convenient method is to delete the cp_settings\ file .  But the problem as we build the gradle in Android Studio project. The file will automatically rebuilt again.

Hence what I did, is to change the .gradle place .

Figure 2

I change the .gradle to my own Workspace which mean in another folder out from User folder in local disk.If you are developing Android Studio project, I recommend to create new partition. This partition is for your development file, example SDK and other plugin . If you put in your local disk, you might have as your local disk become RED/Full .

Next please open Android Studio :

Figure 3

In Figure 3, I show you where to open Default Setting in Android Studio . This is due we need to change .gradle directory setting. Click on Default Setting.

Figure 4

In Figure 4, is my original setting for .gradle directory . This directory need to be alter to your own place. 

Figure 5

In Figure 5, is my new setting for .gradle directory . Click OK and restart you Android Studio.

I hope this will give you other solution to solve access denied permission in Android Studio .

 \cp_settings\ (Access is denied) in Android Studio

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